Electric Works

⚡Yesterday we said goodbye to our lovely Jess who has been with us for 4 years!! We are so pleased for her as she will be starting her dream job in the New Year!! 🌟 🌟 We will miss you very much and we know you will be absolutely AMAZING!!! ⚡

Sheffield City Centre Peace Gardens looking beautifully Christmassy at twilight ✨✨✨
#Sheffieldcitycentre #Sheffieldsunset #Sheffieldissuper #publicspace #PeaceGardens

Day 6: December 6th 📅 is......the LifeCurve™ App! Download the app from Google/Apple/Amazon app stores for FREE! You can find out how you're #ageing and be given helpful advice to stay independent💪 https://t.co/GuA4bVUYO4

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