Electric Works

Have an idea or a friend who does? Apply to pitch NOW!
Training, £Funding and support from our lovely crowd all included!
Link here https://t.co/x4MbOLfoAs

Deadline - Friday 31st May
Pitch night - 13th June 2019
Join us @crucibletheatre #WereIn

Do you have any interesting work or projects on the go? It'd be great to hear about them and to spread the word across Sheffield's digital community.
@dotSHF #digitalsheffield

Want to help? We are always looking for volunteers and skills to help out on the night and with making #SheffSOUP happen...and people who could start and run new local SOUPs!
SAVE THE DATE - Thursday 13th June 2019 for SOUP#17
Join us @crucibletheatre! #SheffSOUP #WereIn

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