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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT – Charlotte Grainger – Club Member

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT – Charlotte Grainger – Club Member

Freelance writer and journalist, Charlotte Grainger, has been a member of the 24/7  Club at Electric Works for over a year. This month, we put the spotlight on her to find out what she’s been up to in that time…


Specialising in health, wellness, relationships, and lifestyle issues, Charlotte writes for a diverse variety of publications. She has had features published in Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, The Metro, and MSN online among other mainstream magazines.


What’s more, it doesn’t end there. She also writes commercial blogs and con provide both editing and proof-reading services to business both in the UK and US. To let the world know about this,  over the summer, she launched her first website, detailing her services.




“I’ve found working at Electric Works to be a real game-changer,” says Charlotte. “Having a co-working space that’s available 24/7 means that I have complete flexibility and freedom. Perhaps more importantly, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some smart remote and freelance workers along the way too. It’s helped me with my work immensely!”

Charlotte and other co-workers working in The Electric Works co-working space – 24/7 Club.

Aside from working on her own projects, Charlotte is also one of the co-owners of Shed, a health-first food vendor in the city. The company aims to better people’s lives through the food that they eat. To help do so, the team has just launched a series of smart vending machines in prime locations based around the centre of Sheffield.




“Working with Shed has really opened my eyes to how the food that we eat affects how we feel and perform,” explains Charlotte. ‘With the new vending machines, it’s our hope that people can have better access to food that will nourish both their mind and body!”


Packed with healthy wraps and wholesome on-the-go snacks, each smart machine offers commuters and gym-goers the food they need when they need it the most. The nearest machine to us at Electric Works is located over at Ponds Forge Sports Centre in the main reception area. Other machines have been installed in local hospitals and workplaces.



Want to learn more about Charlotte and her services? You can follow her on Twitter at @LottieBetty or get in touch with her here.


Plus, if you’re interested in Shed, please sign-up to the company’s newsletter here and follow them on both Instagram and Facebook.

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