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digital chatter

digital chatter creative exhibition

Electric Works plays host, this month, to the digital chatter creative exhibition. Organised, set up and run by two Sheffield Hallam Fine Art graduates, Elaine Dwyer and Anne Hall. The exhibition explores our developing relationship with technology and the internet. See full blurb below:

digital chatter

communication + technology

Exhibition of artwork by Elaine Dwyer and Anne Hall

Monday July 22 – August 16 2013

We take for granted the benefits and comforts that technology brings our lives, none more so than in the ways we communicate with each other.

Since the human voicing of sounds developed into the spoken word and corresponding marks became structured into written language, a combination of intelligence, curiosity, inspiration and ambition has lead to myriad changes in the means of communication allowing the transfer of information by voice or video, images or documents; a constant flow across time and space. Contacting others is not just face to face, but via telephone & fax, mobile phone – calls, texts and picture messaging, internet – e-mail & Skype, social media sites.

The internet also makes available encyclopedias of expanding knowledge (real or imagined) and this access opens new worlds of influence and inspiration that can alter and transform people’s lives, mainly for the better. Digital technology also allows easy storage of data, moving away from hard copies of paper, photographs, film, the most recent development being the virtual ‘cloud’ which stores files that can be accessed via any digital medium.

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