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How We Are Keeping You Safe At Electric Works

How We Are Keeping You Safe At Electric Works

With more and more businesses choosing to return to the office each week, we feel it is important to reassure our clients and visitors of the measures we taking here to keep us all safe, so you can all feel more comfortable in your return. We love seeing more friendly faces around the building again, and can’t wait to welcome you all back!

1. Sanitising stations

On every floor and every entrance we have sanitizing stations which are kept well stocked. We encourage all clients and visitors to use it upon entry and regularly throughout the day.

2. Contact free door openers

We have several contact free door openers fitted around the building so there is no need to use door handles, which helps prevents multiple people from coming into contact with frequently touched surfaces. We also prevent the spread of Covid-19 by having cleaning levels increased to focus on high contact touch points such as banisters, door handles, kitchen surfaces, and all surfaces. Along with this we have changed our cleaners schedule to maximise the cleaning of communal areas during “regular” office hours.

3. No sofas or communal furniture

We have removed any furniture around the building that may compromise social distancing and increase the likelihood of the virus spreading. This includes having sofas removed or out of order, extra chairs being removed from tables, and work stations being moved further apart.

4. Social distancing

Social distancing measures are in place across the whole building, along with plenty of stickers and signage to help us all remember. In smaller corridors where social distancing may be compromised we have placed signage guiding people to give way to others using corridors, passing back-to-back where possible, and keeping to the right in stairways and corridors. In some areas where social distancing is not possible, we have blocked off access completely.

5. Limited Occupancy Lifts

Our lifts are now singe occupancy except our goods lift which is now limited to two people. This is to ensure social distancing is possible, while also discouraging unnecessary use of lifts in order to limit the amount of surfaces touched, and reduce contact in communal areas.

6. Safety Screens

Wherever face-to-face contact is necessary such as our reception desk, we have placed screens protecting our staff, clients, and visitors. We also have changed our signing in process so that guests no longer have to come into contact with our iPad, we now sign in all guests ourselves and take their contact details for track & trace. This also applies to signing for deliveries, we no longer require clients to sign for their own parcels, however we have also asked that deliveries be kept to a minimum during this time to further reduce contact. We also request, where reasonably practicable, that clients contact reception by phone or email rather than visiting the front desk to minimise contact.

7. Face coverings

We now ask that clients, staff, and guests wear face coverings – unless they are exempt – in communal areas of the building. This includes corridors, stairways, the Club Lounge, kitchenettes, and wherever social distancing is compromised.

8. Limited occupancy in communal areas

Our kitchenettes have been reduced to a one person limits to encourage social distancing, along with our toilets now being limited to two people at a time. Our meeting rooms are all now have a capacity of three people per room, and our conference room now has a capacity of 15 for when we start allowing small events to go forward, which will be from 1st October.

If you have any questions or concerns at all please do not hesitate to email us at info@electric-works.net or call us on 0114 286 6200.

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