Electric Works

LogicaTronics Limited

LogicaTronics Limited is an independent UK-based developer of electronics and software. It is a high-tech micro-business, utilising over ten years of specialist experience to help our clients understand and use technology wisely.

We firmly believe that technology should be made understandable for everyone, to share the advantage that it brings. Technology should not alienate. Therefore our products and services have an objective to deliver intellectual clarity and ease of use.

We develop technology in the forms of bespoke hardware and software, mainly for industrial clients, according to their specific needs and where no ready-made solution exists. Often this work is performed under contractual terms, including non-disclosure and IPR ownership.

Our specialisms include:

– Hardware Prototyping
– Printed Circuit Design
– Field Programmable Logic
– Microcontrollers
– Single Board Computers
– Embedded Software
– Smartphone Apps
– Technical services of Consultancy, Training and Documentation