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Sky Bet

Sky Betting & Gaming is one of the UK’s fastest growing digital businesses and are building a bleeding edge Lean team within the Sheffield Tech community. We’ve created one of the most exciting environments in the business and been named as one of the Times top 100 companies to work for. At Sky Betting & Gaming we don’t have Teams we have Tribes. Each Tribe is made up of small, agile and autonomous squads who work collaboratively with a shared purpose.


Here in Sheffield, we have launched our new International Tribe to develop new innovative Sportsbook and Casino Products into European Markets. Entirely greenfield, built on top of 3rd party vendors, we are working on a “tech start up” premise with the investment roadmap experience of a multi-million pound company and established brand.


We’re using new tech & agile principals to create fresh applications. We are a Java 8, ReactJJS stack with a mix of Scala, Akka, Clojure, Node & AWS amongst many others and use Infrastructure-as-code techniques to deliver repeatable environments using Chef, Docker, Salt, Jenkins, Gafana, Splunk, Cloudstack as a RedHat/Centos house


On the other side we have our Core Tribe. Core are responsible for the availability of key registration journeys, login services and all payment systems from traditional banks, to Paypal and being our industry’s first with Apple Pay.  Whether you want to place a bet, play a slot, enter a poker tournament or play a game of Bingo, the Core services are at the heart of our platform.  We have multi-discipline cross-functional agile teams taking responsibility for a platform that takes over £1billion of transactions each year, and copes with traffic peaks of hundreds of logins per second during peak times.  We have a mix of MEAN and LAMP Stack with a mix ofPHPUnit, Mocha, Behat, Cucumber and BrowserMob, as well as Chef, Git, Jenkins, Vagrant, Java8 SpringBoot and React to name a few.


Website link: https://www.skybet.com/ and https://www.skybetcareers.com