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Made in Sheffield, U has created a digital personal account that’s all about YOU. Launched in October 2016, thousands of people across the UK have already opened a U Account; turning their back on the banks and joining the country’s first ‘unbank’.

The account itself, which comes with direct debits and a contactless Mastercard® card*, allows people to budget more effectively, without the risk of hidden charges and excessive overdraft fees.

By adding up to 20 Extra Accounts, you’re able to set money aside from the main U Account. Whatever the reason for setting one up – whether it’s utility bills, Christmas presents, or just a rainy day – Extra Accounts prevent people from spending their money accidentally and allow them to set clear and realistic targets.

Also built into the U Account is a new and innovative Money Manager facility; allowing for a clear and helpful review of spending patterns. Transactions are broken down into categories, percentages and trends, so an account holder is never more than a click away from a full overview.

It’s free to set up a U Account and no credit checks are required (we’ll just need to confirm your identity). If we do need to see any proof of ID, you can submit it quickly and easily via our new online application.

Any fees for the U Account are made clear and the flexible pricing means you can choose a monthly package to suits your own needs (as well as being able to change it each month). After all, it’s about YOU, not them.

*The U Account comes with a free prepaid debit Mastercard® card



Facebook: www.facebook.com/Uaccount