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Are we in or out of a pandemic?

Are we in or out of a pandemic? The majority of people in restaurants, retail outlets, bars are no longer taking precautions and celebrities at the Super Bowl flaunted the fact that they weren’t wearing masks. But what about the workplace, wherever that might be? Lets take a snap shot view of one of the best known digital brands in the World, Google. Google, who offer a multitude of products and services, many of which hold dominant market positions, have informed their employees to be in the office by April 2022, and start the official transition to a hybrid week workers-back-silicon-valley-other-offices-april-4-2022-03-02/ Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, said it is important to collaborate face-to-face, employees must be in the office for a least 3/2 days per week but is excited about the future of hybrid working 11646055640 Google have continued to acquire office space during the pandemic including their flagship 11 storey, 1 million square foot office, reportedly purchased for $1 billion and have even suggested building ‘Google Town’ (AKA Middlefield Park Master Plan, in California that includes houses, retail, green spaces and a corporate campus spanning 40 acres) mountain-view-santa-clara-county.html It would seem, for Google at least, the pandemic is coming to an end, but what the organisation has learned is just beginning.

- Lee Clothier, Centre Manager


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