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Client Spotlight: PryceWilliams

PryceWilliams are a company that specialize in strategy implementation, regulatory compliance and technology automation. They are a newer client to the EW community and have answered a few questions for us client spotlight.

Parrish Pryce-Williams is an experienced business architect with a strong understanding of Banking, Fintech and Financial Services. He is passionate about supporting senior stakeholders navigate through new banking regulation, structural change, strategic realignment, acquisition or merger, legal entity separation and managing change.

What do you like about Sheffield/Electric Works?

We like the facilities, the building, location, decor and the access to rail, buses and the road network! But most of all we love the EW team as they always there to help and make our lives easier! Thank you! We also love orange!

Where do you see Fintech going in the future?

There will be a raft of innovations but users will decide through adoption what sticks.

For Banking for everyday users...

  • Current branch model for ordinary retail customers will close completely and be superseded by AI, bots and where human interaction is required this will come from a centralised call centre type operation using video capability; so in-person meetings wall fall away as running and maintaining a bricks and mortar branch network is expensive.

  • This has been accelerated by Covid-19 pandemic and the related restrictions.

Digital currencies...

  • Developed economies such as the UK, US and China will offer digital currency versions of the physical currency;

  • Cash notes and coins will disappear completely as its to expensive to run and manage

  • If the digital versions of major currencies are made readily available to less developed economies in the same way as Bitcoin and Ether have become readily available to users, then this could become an interesting tool for global politics in the same way energy, food, water and other commodities & key resources are used to gain influence globally.

Non-fungible tokens

  • NFT or non-fungible tokens are interesting, this is where blockchain technology is used to verify the owner of digital asset, like a tweet, a picture, artwork or so on. So Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter) sold his first tweet via a NFT for $2.9m!

  • Think this an interesting way to demonstrate ownership of intellectual property and offers an easy and secure way to transfer ownership in a legitimate and transparent fashion.

  • Places like Sotheby’s are starting to offer NFT’s so it’s gaining traction.

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