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Curvalux: Office Transformation and Plans to Expand the Team

If you are ever doubting the ability to transform an office space, here is proof of just how creative you can get. In November 2020 Curvalux joined the EW community, teaming up with Dale Interiors to make their new space truly their own. With a fresh office look and revolutionary broadband technology, Curvalux are ready to expand their team.

Curvalux designs, manufactures and implements Fixed Wireless Broadband technology, offering solutions to provide multi-gigabit connectivity in both rural and urban areas, so naturally they needed the central and connected location that Electric Works has to offer as well as access to install their antenna on the roof. Curvalux felt the office was ideal for subliminally communicating their brand name with it's curved walls and large open space allowing Dale Interiors to construct round structures and unique design features such as a circular welcome area, their bold logo spanning the floor and offering a comfortable space for clients and visitors.

Cristina Sesma, marketing communications specialist at Curvalux explains, "There are over 3.5 billion people around the world who currently have not got Internet access, our vision is to connect the unconnected and help close the digital divide while reducing the carbon footprint of broadband technologies." A concept that they wanted to be reflect the innovation and sustainability of the company, achieved by using vivid green accent pieces throughout.

"At the heart of the design of every product at Curvalux there are two principles: affordability for the end user and sustainability for the planet. Lower power consumption is a key factor for both, often the major hurdle to internet access is often not with the technology itself but the infrastructure it depends on. Our systems are incredibly energy-efficient and can be powered by solar energy and batteries. This allows Network Mobile Operators to reduce the cost of their service and to deploy broadband in locations where electricity is unreliable or non-existent."

How did Curvalux come up with such a revolutionary antenna design?

The founders have years of experience in the satellite industry where every Watt counts as you are totally reliant on solar energy, there is nowhere to plug something in. The lessons learnt during those years of launching constellations have led to the technology Curvalux has created and patented. Each member of the R&D team has been hand-picked for their expertise and make Curvalux the agile company it is today.

Feeling inspired?

Come and join their expanding R&D Team in Sheffield! Curvalux are looking for superheroes to populate our brand-new offices in the Electric Works who can help deliver an ambitious product road map and build cloud-based management and monitoring tools in support. Project Managers and Fullstack Software Engineers wanted!

Apply now:

Fancy a 3D virtual tour of the office?

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