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SmartSheffield18: Waste Not Want Not

As some of you may know, we are proud sponsors of SmartSheffield and had the pleasure of hosting the event in March 2020. We are super excited that the next edition of SmartSheffield has been announced and will take place on Monday the 17th May as part of Sheffield Digital Festival, from 5:45pm online and this time will be taking a closer look at innovations in waste, recycling and energy recovery.

What is SmartSheffield?

SmartSheffield is an open community of people and organisations who are interested in the ‘smart city’ concept and its applications in Sheffield.

The SmartSheffield meetup is a free and inclusive open forum and social meeting space for anyone interested in smart cities and urban innovation. Events are in two halves: the first half consisting of short talks, and the second of networking and conversation between attendees. You do not have to work in the field to enjoy the event, everyone is welcome and will be looked after.

What is a ‘Smart City’?

The concept of the ‘smart city’ is often described in terms of applying digital or ICT - Information and Communications Technology - to address the challenges faced by cities and citizens. Particularly in the contexts of increasing urbanisation across the world, challenges around sustainability, population growth and mobility, and the increasing importance of cities to the global economy.

Early on, debates in this area were largely concerned with the relationships between technology providers and city governments, with citizens often left out. More recently, though, initiatives aim to create a virtuous and integrated collaboration between a city’s governance, technology and citizens, with all three

playing an active role. This is what SmartSheffield would like to see become the norm in Sheffield.

Another characteristic of the smart city concept is that it is considered differently in different places, as each city has it’s own unique features, resources and challenges, determined by their specific topography, location, history, economy, demographics and politics. So while there are many challenges that cities share in common, not all solutions will work everywhere.

Where is it being hosted?

This is an online event and will be hosted on AirMeet.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets are available for FREE here:


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